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Releasing on October 2, 2019, Fairchance is the second book of the Echo Suite Saga. Following the events of Heartspark, the quartet of bounty hunters arrives on Fairchance to find the seat of power in turmoil. Romani, the bounty hunter leader, knows what must be done, but must unravel the mysteries of the star cluster in order to claim victory.

The first book in the series, Heartspark, can found on Amazon here.

Pods | Co-produced or Co-Hosting

West by Pod | Mike Mallow & Jason Smith

Word from the Mountaintop | Jason & Jess Felici

RGCWV | Luke Hersey

Hardy County Headlines | Coming Soon

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A wide variety of commercials – from fun to political.

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Moorefield Examiner

Pendleton Community Bank

Bowman's Hardware

Grant Memorial Hospital

Fairchance Trailer

Heartspark Trailer

Mike Mallow for Commissioner

Pendleton County in Motion

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